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Updated version of the Round 2 Elections Packet!


U-Court decision regarding the SA Elections:

Same ballot to be reissued: only to part-time students (currently paying blanket tax) for 5 days (by noon tomorrow, closed Sunday at noon)


The public portion of the U-Court hearing about the SA Elections will begin at 6 p.m. in Huma 119 today. U-Court will review the evidence they have collected and then move on to talking to witnesses.


Attached are the spreadsheets regarding the reallocation of RVP's assets


An Elections Commitee meeting will be held at 5 PM on March 1, 2017 in the SA Office.

UPDATE: Location changed to the second floor conference room in the RMC.


Round 2 Elections Packet released!


Full list of candidates for this election:

Reese Rosenthal - Honor Council Junior Rep
Vivekanudeep Karri- SA Secretary
Rushi Bhalani- SA EVP
Drew Keller & Juan Saldana- Thresher EIC
Sergio Santamaria- Rally Club President
Ryan Carlson- Honor Council Sophomore Rep
Ike Arjmand - Honor Council Junior Rep
Stefano Romano - Honor Council Sophomore Rep
Justin Onwenu- SA President
Maurice Frediere- SA President
Revathi Ravella - SA EVP
Peter Rizzi - Honor Council Sophomore Rep
Stephanie Zhao- RPC President
Jake Nyquist -SA President
Allison Salter- Honor Council Junior Rep
Kira Chen and Joanna Yang- Campanile Editor in Chief
Bailey Tulloch - University Court Chair


Official Elections Packet released!


The Initiative Fund application for spring of 2017 is now open! Application instructions can be found in the initiative fund tab.


There will be a Blanket Tax Committee Meeting on Friday from 12:15-1:15 in the SA Office which is the conference room next to Coffeehouse. We'll be discussing our priorities for the upcoming Initiative Fund cycle.

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