Standing Committee Chairs

Academics Committee

Eli Mensing


Rohan Palanki


Vision Statement: The Academics Committee is dedicated to implementing pragmatic changes on campus to enable all Rice students to pursue their academic goals and aspirations.

Mission Statement: The Academics Committee’s mission is to enhance the scholastic experience on campus by empowering students to enact effective change. This will be accomplished by targeting several integral aspects of the Rice educational atmosphere, including assessing the quality of undergraduate teaching, evaluating the degree requirements of various departments, constructing a feedback platform for students to provide input and critique, and providing all students with holistic advising and access to academic opportunities.

Environmental Committee

Kathy Yu


Kiara Reyes


Vision Statement: The Environmental Committee wants to mobilize green efforts at Rice by pinpointing areas of improvement and working with both the administration and student organizations to propel the university towards a higher standard in sustainability.

Mission Statemenet: To achieve our vision the Environmental Committee will implement three main steps: audit, develop, and engage. Audit: regular tracking of environmental data and coordinating projects based on results and community interests. Develop: making achievable, quantitative, and concrete goals to better the university through both campus-wide and college-specific projects. Engage: collaborating with existing environmental organizations at Rice to achieve our vision and increase community support and participation.

Best Practices Committee

Hannah Todd


Vision Statement: To work to ensure that the mission and values of both Rice University and the Rice Student Association are upheld in practice

Mission Statement: The mission of the 2017-2018 Best Practices Committee is to look internally at our own institution and externally to other institutions to see how we can be the best we can be. Through conversation with students, research on practices both at Rice and elsewhere, and critical thinking on what we stand for as a university and the Student Association, we can constantly strive toward greatness.

Student Life Committee

Josh Hobbs


Sarah Smati


Vision Statement: The Student Life Committee is dedicated to implementing sustainable projects on campus to improve all aspects of student life.

Mission Statement: The Student Life Committee's mission is to enhance campus life through direct action based on student input. We will ensure that students' voices be heard and valued as we actively listen to their suggestions and implement them. We intend to work with university administration as well as maximize community involvement.

Wellbeing Committee

Rushi Bhalani


Aaron Shi


Vision Statement: To promote a happy student body that is educated and well-informed on healthy wellbeing practices and to foster a campus environment that is conducive to continuing these lifelong habits.

Mission Statement: To educate the Rice community on the issues of wellbeing, to foster productive dialogue about mental health, to execute initiatives and events, to promote healthy habits, to bridge the disconnect between the students and the resources on campus, and to collaborate with other wellbeing organizations around campus to achieve greater heights and ultimately improve wellbeing at Rice.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Joyce Chen


Marcos De La Garza


Vision Statement: All students should feel included and respected in the Rice community and enjoy equal access to opportunity.

Mission Statement: We strive to bring awareness to diversity and inclusion issues and to work to create a more inclusive community at Rice where everyone has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.