SA Committees

Blanket Tax Committee


Every year, as a portion of each student’s tuition, an $85 Blanket Tax is earmarked for use by student organizations that are dedicated to improving the experience of all students on campus. The Blanket Tax Committee was created to oversee the distribution of this money each year, as well as the financial records of the organizations that receive the money. As of the 2020-21 school year, the organizations that receive Blanket Tax funding through the committee are:

  • Rice University Student Association
  • The Rice Thresher
  • Campanile
  • Rice Program Council (and Beer Bike)
  • Rice Student Volunteer Program
  • Rally Club
  • Honor Council
  • University Court
  • KTRU

Along with financial oversight of those organizations, the committee also manages applications for other student organizations looking to receive Blanket Tax, as well as the semi-annual Initiative Fund open to all registered clubs.


The committee is composed of seven voting members: the SA Treasurer, two Blanket Tax officers, three At-Large representatives, and a Blanket Tax Committee advisor. The SA Advisor, SA Parliamentarian, SA Deputy Treasurer, and SA Deputy Parliamentarian all serve as non-voting members. The members of the 2020-21 Blanket Tax Committee can be found HERE.


All meetings of the Blanket Tax Committee are open, meaning any visitor can observe and contribute to proceedings. Meetings are usually held on Tuesdays at 12:10 PM in the McMurtry PDR; however, for the 2020 fall semester, meetings will be held online via Zoom. Please contact the SA Treasurer ( for the link, which will also be publicized in the Student Association Canvas page.

Recent Reports

Blanket Tax Committee Spring Allocations Report, 2020-21

Blanket Tax Committee Spring Initiative Fund Report, 2019-20

Blanket Tax Committee Midyear Audits Report, 2019-20