Mid-Year Audit


What is Mid Year Audit

Mid-Year Audit is the review the Blanket Tax Committee conducts on organizations receiving Blanket Tax funds to close out the previous fiscal year (FY). The deadline for this year's Mid-Year Audit is Friday, October 7, 2022 @ 11:59 PM

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Click here for the budget template

New Budget Template

The budget template has been cleaned up to be more streamlined and more readable for your use and reference by the student body. The budget template also includes a separate Mid-Year Retention request sheet as a tab.

What will we be asking for?

We will be asking for the final spending from FY22 and most up-to-date spending for the current year FY23

How do I request retention of my BTO's surplus from FY22?

In the budget template attached in this email, there are two sheets, one for FY22 & FY23 and another to request surplus from FY22

How up-to-date does FY23 have to be?

There is no strict time frame from the due date for the budget to be up-to-date. Just submit as much information you have on hand. The purpose of the Mid-Year Audit is to close out spending from FY22, so dedicate your energy to this and do not stress about having FY23 completely up to date.