Executive Board

What Has Exec Been Up To This Week?

Week of September 7th

Anna Margaret, President

  • First draft of campus voter engagement message - done!
  • Pro-Black life meetings, drafting legislation for next week
  • Scheduling Dean Gorman for Senator Dinner
    • Super interesting – anyone want to join the follow-up?
  • Worked on finalizing Critical Thinking In Sexuality week 6 sex ed class curriculum
  • Met with Tessa and the Rice Management Company
  • Check-in with Civic Duty Rice: voting during COVID
  • Meeting with Rice Online, Exchange student support
  • Developing a relationship with the Association of Rice Alumni Board
    • Collabing with their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee
  • Anyone want to write a bylaws amendment with me?
    • From Faculty Senate Bylaws: "Report on the Disposition of Senate Resolutions. At least once each year, the Speaker will present to the Senate, and post on the Senate website, a report on the current disposition of all resolutions passed by the Senate, including whether and to what extent each resolution has been formally incorporated into university policy."
  • Meet with me :)
Sav, Secretary
  • Q from AM: How are DoE applications going?
    • Sadly no interest yet, but I’m going to be sending out a bunch of emails to the policial clubs on campus!
  • More website updating :)
  • Met with AMC
  • Graphics on graphics on graphics
  • I found a social media scheduling program that seems promising!
    • It has all melted since I typed that this AM...
Kendall, Internal Vice President
  • Q from AM: How is fall retreat and New Student Rep/Committee apps going?
    • good, more advertising needed
  • Released New Student Rep and committee member apps
  • Worked on drafting legislation for Pro Black Task Force to present at next Senate
  • Dr. Byrd reached out to me! There is an event the task force on slavery is holding this friday that he would like SA to promote/let students know about
  • Making sure I am good to go for voting in Texas
  • Milkessa and I’s banner is hung up outside Multicultural Center!
  • Started planning for Fall Retreat
    • Time--25th and 26th from 6PM CST-8PM CST
  • Released a couple of forms for Senators to fill out regarding their feedback on New Student Rep program ideas/logistical things
    • I will be wrapping up on final decisions on most of these things by this weekend after this week’s senator dinner so I can start planning for them
John, Treasurer
  • Q from AM: Have people been reaching out about funding?
    • No, but the project spending form is dropping today or tomorrow probably
  • Blanket Tax Committee-- 2nd meeting, a lot to talk about and a lot of follow up emails
    • Honor Council budget revisions, Rice Program Council questions, Initiative Fund events, new Rice Student Volunteer Program ideas
  • Student Activities President's Program meeting 1 (not the smoothest but it’ll get better)
  • As mentioned: spending request form out today or tomorrow, just needed to establish a few things about PCard usage
Nick, Parlementarian
  • Senate Reform - New Goal
  • Special Election - Lots to Do and Little Time to Do It
Krithika, Director of Equity
  • finalizing application for equity council
  • Meeting this week on Saturday with alumni
  • Pro-black life meetings
    • reaching out to OMA and asking for thoughts on the letters
  • Attending meeting with Council on Diversity and Inclusion on Monday
  • Meeting with Dr. Vardi on Monday to talk ethics!
  • Final reading group meeting will be on the 20th! We have some great readings about alternatives and restorative justice!
  • Met with Lady C on Friday to talk about Equity Council. She will be attending our meetings and supporting with the process moving forward
  • Reached out to Dani Perdue and working on scheduling a meeting
Will, Chief of Staff
  • “Keeping up with the Working Groups/Task Forces” I wanted to make a play on “KUWTK” but it didn’t work rip
  • Meeting with Jenny and Harvard team
  • Notion centralization plans
Week of August 31st, 2020

Anna Margaret, President

  • Drafting message with Grad Student Association about voter engagement
  • Coordinating Alumni Relations Liaison Application with Office of Alumni Relations
  • Crafting advocacy training with Center for Civic Leadership
  • Following up with Dr. Byrd on the Joint Student Association-Graduate Student Association Resolution from last term
  • Working the Student Center Activities Fair
  • Working with National Coalition of Student Leaders to collect feedback from student leaders nationwide on our proposed organizational structure
  • Finalizing August email update
  • Checking in with the Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Following-up with Faculty Senate, attending their Wednesday, Sept. 2nd meeting

Sav, Secretary

  • Adding events into OwlNest
  • Made the What’s Exec Been Up To This Week page look a little cuter
  • Planning Comms team meetings and Meetings with the Director of Technology to plan out what the semester looks like.
  • Preparing for Senator Dinner
  • Updated the Committee Chair/USC page on the website
  • Added a Turbovote button to the homepage

Krithika, Director of Equity

  • Meeting Lady C this week to discuss Equity Council + also letter to administration
  • Met with Kristen, finalized Bylaws - exciting! Working on the application now
  • Working with AMC and Izzie on RJ Office
  • Working with Haley on final reading group meeting
John, Treasurer
  • Blanket Tax Committee first meeting
  • Student Student Activities President's Program recruitment and coordinating first meeting on Monday
  • Random logistics for postponed Initiative Fund events
  • Agenda writing for upcoming meetings
  • Finalizing allocation notifications, reminders, etc. to Blanket Tax organizations
  • PCARD FRIDAY! (Banner account finally authenticated after 3 months of technical issues)
Kendall, Internal Vice President
  • Vibes – not good!
  • Due to Hurricane I couldnt go but list of demands group met with Dr. Byrd
    • Received good feedback and advice, he really is great support
  • Committee training
    • Last training will be this Saturday at 4PM
  • NSR Application
    • Going to release soon, meeting with Kristen for help with this!
  • Finished sorting SAS Spring 2020 emails into areas of interest
  • Fall retreat
    • Theme: Go with the Flow
  • Joined a class late
    • Intro to Law with Mr. Ramirez
    • It is difficult but rewarding
  • Dealing with frustration and grief
    • The recent shooting and death just really cut deep
    • Issa lot for Black people
  • Black mental Health advocacy
    • Reaching out to Dr. Byrd just to get his thoughts
    • Plan to write with other Black students (finishing recruiting) to ask Provost to communicate with profs to please remember and understand that many Black students are grieving and to take those concerns seriously as mental health issues
Nick, Parlementarian
  • Committee charter stuff coming up
Kristen, Student Association Advisor
  • Sending us links
Week of August 24th, 2020
  • Anna Margaret, President
    • O-Week Advising
    • Hurricane/storm crisis management
    • Meeting Dr Kirby, hurricanes and COVID-19
    • Inviting senate visitors
      • Rice University Police Department
      • O-Week SDs
      • Dr Kirby
      • Leebron
      • Dean Gorman
      • Civic Duty Rice
    • Moving forward with CTIS sex ed session work
    • Following up on harassment and hate speech policy revisions
    • Working on a voter engagement action plan with GSA, President Leebron Dean Gorman
    • Finishing up training on engaging stakeholders with different goals/perspectives with Morgan Kinney
    • Working with GSA to plan a GSA-SA joint presentation for one of our Senates and their council meetings
    • Drafting August SA email
    • Following up on Faculty Senate plenary meeting minutes, better understanding their response to our letter
  • Nick, Parlementarian
    • Meeting with Manshi
    • Renewing club registrations
  • Sav, Secretary
    • O-Week advising
    • The graphics for the upcoming speakers
    • Director of Elections app created
    • Typical secretary stuff nothing too special
    • Finalized the Guide to the SA book and the Idea Flow in the SA guide

Kendall, Internal Vice President

  • O-Week and O-Week Training
    • Since committee chairs were busy with this too, I decided to postpone our third and final training for next week so everyone could focus on move in, starting classes, and have time for O-Week for those involved with that
  • Meeting with Dr. Byrd
  • Met with AMC, Kristen, Krithika, Grad Student Association Reps
    • Will meet again this Friday
  • Will meet with him this Thursday with the List of Demands group
    • Recruiting new chairs for Beyond the Hedges (2) and Student Life (1) Committees
  • Organizing SAS data so we can have a listserv accessible by all leaders in the SA so they can easily inform students about efforts, research, and advocacy related to their indicated interest
    • Will hopefully increase outreach and empower student leaders

Krithika, Director of Equity

  • O-week was a lot but a fun time :)
  • Met with Dr. Byrd - will meet with him again
  • Finalizing bylaws and application - would love to have it out in the next few weeks
  • Emailed Clemente but RUPD has been busy
  • Reading group final meeting? Thoughts?
  • Not sure where to proceed with letter to admin on how to support organizations

John, Treasurer

  • Dispersed Blanket Tax organization guide!!!! No responses but still proud
  • Interdepartmental Transfer request sent! Funds will be disbursed in a minute
  • Student Activities President's Program committee organization
  • Blanket Tax Committee: scheduling and more
  • almost done w BL amendment #2