Initiative Fund

How-To Guide
Your organization’s application to the Student Association Initiative Fund shall consist of the following items:

  • A statement of your organization’s mission on campus and its goals, both in the short and long term. In addition, please provide a short statement detailing how your organization has worked to achieve its goals on campus in the past.
  • A budget worksheet including:
    • The name of your event or initiative, along with the date and location
    • The amount requested and exactly how the funding will be allocated by a line-item breakdown
    • A line-item breakdown of where all funding will come from for the event, and where these funds will be applied to
    • The minimum amount needed for the initiative to occur
  • In addition, you must fill out the questions provided. Please include all of these documents in the application submitted to the SA Treasurer at by February 19th.

Cover letter with the following

  1. What is the exact name of the initiative or event?
  2. When and where will the initiative be held?
  3. Please explain how this initiative will serve the student body at Rice and potentially beyond
  4. How many Rice students do you expect to attend the event?
  5. How many non-Rice attendees do you expect at the event?
  6. Please explain how the event your organization is proposing is an “initiative”, i.e. how is this event unique from other events you have previously planned? How will this event serve a new purpose on campus and how will it fulfill your organization’s mission in a way that has not been previously done before?
  7. Is your organization in good standing?

Before deciding whether or not to apply, please consider the following criteria for applications to the Initiative Fund:

  • Priority access to the Initiative Fund will be given to Blanket Tax organizations per the SA Constitution section X.B.7.c.i.
  • Initiatives that maximize student benefit will be viewed favorably by the committee
  • Initiatives that are accessible to Rice students regardless of socioeconomic status will be viewed favorably by the committee
  • Applications should be for events that are new or have been significantly revamped from the prior edition

If your proposal does not fit the above criteria or your request for funding is denied, we recommend that you pursue these alternate source of funding